Health Care Regulatory Compliance

A Lawyer Who Understands Regulation And Licensing Of Health Care Providers

In Washington state, like elsewhere in the United States, health care providers are subject to stringent regulations. While these regulations affect every aspect of practice, they are not as straightforward as many anticipate. Health care regulatory compliance can confuse even the most experienced practitioner.

At Peick Law Group, P.S., in Bellevue, we offer clear and comprehensive guidance through matters of regulatory compliance for clients in the Seattle area and throughout Washington state. We tailor the counsel we provide to each client’s needs, helping him or her navigate the complex maze of state and federal regulations that affect medical practices.

We represent a broad spectrum of doctors with many different practices, from surgeons to family and marital therapists, pharmacists, OB-GYNs and other specialists. We also have extensive experience representing complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) providers, including chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and naturopaths.

Privacy And Regulatory Compliance

Privacy laws are nothing new, and they exist on many levels for different businesses and professions. However, health care providers continue to be challenged by their complexity. The Washington Uniform Health Care Information Act, Insurance Commissioner insurance regulations implementing the federal financial and health care information mandates, and the privacy regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) together impose substantial burdens on health care professionals in their daily clinical practice. We can help you comply, train your employees and assist you with forms and record management advice.

Advertising And Regulatory Compliance

Many health care providers are unaware of the strict regulations that affect how they advertise themselves and their practices, as well as what deals they may offer clients and how they structure fees. They see many other providers offering deals — like discounted rates for customers who pay in cash — and they assume that those deals must be compliant with professional regulations, just because they are common or because they were suggested by health care practice consultants.

This is not the case. Professionals who follow the herd instead of seeking individual legal counsel may find themselves in trouble with professional licensing boards and other regulatory bodies. They may incur significant financial loss that could have been avoided if they had done the research before printing the ads.

At Peick Law Group, P.S., we offer a fixed fee review of advertising materials. During the review, we take the time to talk with you about your business, answer your questions and review your advertising materials. We review materials such as brochures, websites, coupons and ad copy for statements that are in violation of regulations, state and federal laws.

By talking with us first, you can avoid problems that might result in professional discipline. You will learn about prohibitions against false or misleading advertisements, testimonials and how to avoid making false claims in advertising — information that you can carry forward into all your future advertising campaigns.